Downingtown Area Veterans' Memorial Downingtown Area Veterans' Memorial   Downingtown Area Veterans' Memorial
Downingtown Area Veterans' Memorial   Downingtown Area Veterans' Memorial
"You may not have known them, but you should always remember them!"
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Downingtown Area Veterans' Memorial!

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The Downingtown Veterans' Memorial Fund Committee's mission is to erect a Downingtown Area Veterans' Memorial, which incorporates a permanent honor roll of those Downingtown citizens who answered their nation's call to battle from World War I to the Persian Gulf War.

The committee's major goals include raising $250,000 without grants or loans, and capturing the patriotic spirit now symbolized by the 30' by 60' Flags Across America flag in Veteran Memorial Park.

Anyone may assist with this worthy venture and are urged to attend the Downingtown VFW Post 845 meetings held Wednesday evenings at 7:30 P.M.

When completed, the memorial will stand in tribute to the strong volunteer spirit in our community. The memorial will be a piece of history that will educate future generations of Downingtown citizens.

Phase I of the Veterans Memorial was completed in May of 2003 which consists of a 3000 square foot plaza that will eventually house granite walls with the names of all Downingtown area residents who served during the wars of the 20th century.

Phase II of the Veterans Memorial will be completed this Memorial Day, 2004 which will consist of five large black granite walls with the names of 1030 Downingtown area residents who served during World War II.

Collecting the names of Veterans remains the greatest challenge. The committee is looking to the community to provide information about qualified Veterans; become active in the effort; and to fund the memorial.

The Downingtown Area Veterans' Committee meets every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Downingtown VFW Post.

Why Names!

"Everyone has a name. It is our identification.
It is by what we are recognized. It is personal.

It is names, which turn a grassy plot and ordinary stones into a memorial with character and meaning.

As you read the names, You will rekindle memories of laughter; memories of sadness.
You will relive parts of your past:

'Remember when he…,'

'Remember when we…,'

'I wonder where….'

A bare, cold stone could not generate such emotion."

by Ron Edgington,
Avon Grove Veterans' Memorial

Honor The Veterans As They Honored You!
Downingtown Area Veterans' Memorial

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Downingtown Area Veterans' Memorial, Downingtown, PA 19335